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Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. have a large selection of exhaust manifolds available. You can always find Read More


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. manufactures front pipes with durable materials to ensure a reliable exhaust Read More


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. carry all types of high efficiency, safety and space-saving catalytic converters Read More


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. resonator pipes are made from top quality materials and come in a variety Read More


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. manufacture high quality mufflers with various configuration styles, welded Read More


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. stock quality oxygen sensors that will ensure your engine is running at top Read More


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. carry a wide range of quality performance exhaust systems. We support and Read More


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. carry a wide range of Exhaust Hardware. We support and sell exhaust accessories Read More

Results Driven

We focus on your desired results, finding solutions for challenging projects and strive to meet our customers expectations.  At Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. we concentrate on meeting objectives, delivering to the required time, cost and quality, and hold performance to be more important than procedures.

Proven Technology

Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. meets the quality standards set by this country regulatory and accrediting bodies.  We have a track record of delivering excellent service and strong solutions.When you choose Sunrise Exhaust as your trusted supplier of Exhaust Products, you are choosing a company with Excellent feedback.

Winning Culture

Culture has inspired loyalty in our employees and plays a huge role in Sunrise Exhaust Ltd.’s success as it’s in our heart and soul. Culture is at the heart of our competitive advantage, particularly when it comes to sustaining high performance and quality.

Top Performance

Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. manufacture our products, measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed.  We fulfill our obligation, to produce a product that will perform to the best of its ability.


We welcome you to SUNRISE Auto Exhaust’s website. We are B2B supplier of Auto exhaust parts for the GTA region. Our typical customers are dealerships, Jobbers and Mechanic stores. We provide our customers all parts like Exhaust Manifold, Front Flex Pipes, Catalytic Converters, Exhaust Mid Pipes, Muffler Assembly, Oxygen Sensors, and Performance Exhaust just to name a few. We are one of your one-stop-shop for the wholesale exhaust system. You have entered the most complete exhaust website on the web. Not only do we offer an extensive line of name brand products, we offer some of the lowest prices anywhere. We are able to do this because we cut out the middle man and pass the savings directly to our customers. We offer brands such as AB Catalytic, AP, Bosal, API (AUTOPART INTERNATIONAL), Dorman, Walker, Catco, Ultrafit, Magnaflow, Flowmaster ETC… our customer service is top and go the extra miles to ensure that every1 who purchases our wholesale exhaust  from us is completely satisfied. If you have any question about our product and service, please don’t hesitate to email or Call us and one of the agent will be happy to assist you. On this website you will find more information about us and our business. We are also providing some Information about exhaust systems in general under the Product Section. Please be aware that this is an ongoing process and check in anytime you would like. If you have interest in finding out more information about us, a product, a quote for a product, or just consultation please call or Email us.



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