Exhaust Hardware


Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. carry a wide range of Exhaust Hardware. We support and sell exhaust accessories and hardware from the following highend manufacturers of exhaust accessories such as Exhaust Direct, Walker, AP Exhaust, API (Auto Part International).


Our knowledgeable counter representatives at Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. can help you choose the correct part you need for your exact make and model – all the accessories to do a complete exhaust job: clamps, gaskets, hangers, tail spouts, adapters, connectors, muffler kits, insulators, and more.


Below is a partial list of some of the exhaust hardware we carry:

Manifold Gaskets

Muffler Exhaust Clamps

Copper Exhaust Selants

Exhaust Deflectors

Exhaust Connector Sleeves

Bolts and Nuts

Tail Pipe Clamps

Outlet Pipe Brackets

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